Raw Indestructible power!

Drive a real tank at combat park

Drive real 105mm Howitzer Military Tanks!

Learn to start, stop, and turn on a dime as you experience the huge power of a tank’s engine coming to life under you. You’ll become familiar with the basic controls and operation while you maneuver a real life-size tank in a lap around the course. We are the only adventure park in the region that offers guests a chance to ride in and drive a real military tank.

Add Crush a Car to your Tank Experience – $499.99

Crush a real car! Take out your aggression as you listen to the sound of steel crunching underneath you with every driving decision you make. Crush only the hood, trunk, or completely demolish whatever is left of the car. While you’re at the controls, it’s all up to you. Guaranteed to be remembered, this option will definitely thrill and make your social media followers drool with envy!

Drive a Tank

From: $299.00

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